Just Timers App Launched

Today I’ve launched my first iOS app, Just Timers. Since iOS can natively only handle a single timer at a time, I’ve frequently found myself frustrated when I need more than one. While the App Store does contain some apps that can create multiple timers, they’re all missing one crucial feature: Siri control.

That’s where Just Timers comes in, with the ability to use the iOS 12 feature “Siri Shortcuts” to assign your own voice phrases to timer actions like pause, resume and restart. While this is intended as the primary method of interacting with your timers, I’ve also extended the abilities into the iOS app Shortcuts, which provides automation features for iOS. There is an extensive write up available on the Just Timers website which goes into detail on what commands are supported by the API, but long story short you can do everything Siri Shortcuts can and more. With a downloadable Shortcut available on that page, you can even create new timers completely hands free!

Please check out Just Timers and give me some feedback if you can!


Aaron Dippner

Software engineer who loves to nerd out about technology, home automation, gadgets and everything else.

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